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Our recruiting team has connected with thousands of professionals and they understand what is on your mind – they’re here to share expertise and advice with you. From finding your ideal role to tips on how to ace an interview, the modules will answer some of the most frequently asked questions our recruiters receive. Once you express interest in the program, you will be invited to participate in the below modules, running for one week each and consisting of videos and live virtual meetings led by our recruiters. You can attend all modules or pick the ones that are most relevant to you.


Step 1. Screening - We are looking for engineering fundamentals, english communication skills and an hunger to learn.

Step 2. FREE Training - The training is completely free, deep dive into consulting engagements in various fields like Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Content Writing, US Staffing, Software Development (Php, Java & Javascript only).

Step 3. Get hired - If we like you first 3 months, you are the BOSS! You get hired by us at starting salary of 2.40 Lakh to 6.00 Lakh/annum.

Yes, limited seats only!

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The Career Pivot Series focuses on professionals with at least 1 year of work experience looking to make a career transition to another company or industry or business vertical for example US Staffing IT Recruitment.

Fees: 17000/-

Module 1 | US Staffing Basics

Module 2 | IT Recruitment

Module 3 | Finding Your Best-Fit Candidate

Module 4 | Conducting Mock Interviews

Module 5 | Deep dive US Staffing

Module 6 | Communicating Impact Through Your Resume

Module 7 | Building an Effective Network

Module 8 | Social Media Recruitment

Module 9 | Welcome to AI and Algorithmic Recruitment

Module 10 | Hey! You are awesome! Would you like to work for Gain America Inc - US Based Premier IT Recruitment & Staff Augmentation Firm?

Yes, limited seats only!

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